130901 Taeyeon Fancam Ending [Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert 2013]

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misspurpleswan says:


Sussana Liew says:

3:02 BaekYeon

วิชายา ลอยลิบ says:

Taeyeon look siwon

김사월_April says:

at the end i heard "TAEYEON!! TAEYEON!! I LOVE YOU~!" xDDD BaekYeon moment~ CX

Mei Mao says:

Lay 's so nice <3

어엿먹 says:

i was too busy looking for baekyeon moment but there was also krisyeon moment. before she touched baekhyun she also touched kris's shoulder.

어엿먹 says:

success. baekhyun and taeyeon found each other in the end ^^

chimchimtrash says:

ahaha i saw that baekhyunnie!! they r so obvious =P

Christ Nguyễn says:

Where's Tiffany ?? Taeyone seem to be looking for some one?

linh chi says:


exotaeng bum says:

+linger368 btob 🙂

Anh Nguyễn Minh says:

Taeyeon is so cute! Love EXOTaeng the best!!^^

linger368 says:

Who are the guys Taengoo walked to the backstage with?

EcHa SoNeS says:

I love how Taeyeon and Gyuri interactions..

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