160527 JESSICA ( 제시카 ) – NAENGMYEON – Korea University Festival (Fancam)

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Jessica ~~ OMG she is so so so cute!!
She killed me…huhu
Cre vid: F²ai


Will Sone says:

Dude, this would've been awesome if she sang it with Park Myungsoo again, but hey, I'm not complaining since she actually sang this in a very very veeeeeeeeery long time…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

ian dwiki says:

she's the owner of the most unique voice i've heard. her vocal range is insane too.

cute_panda9 says:

I feel bad for jessica. She sang hundred of SNSD songs when she was still in the group and worked hard, but she cannot sing it now. But I'm glad she sang naengmyun again…

nct stan says:

I still sad she leave snsd but i support u and snsd:))) i wish they still contact jessica:((

S ? says:

Wow the crowd voice is so loud amazing👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️

casper 09 says:

her song from the past still makes me shivers..one of her signature dance..Jessica fighting!!

Aldrin Manalastas says:

Now I need Park Myung Soo! 😀

booloveyulsic says:

Haha the song is cute with her voice

Angellie Su says:

gosh been a long time!!! i really miss this!! go sica!

Tyler Beth says:


Jenny Salabao says:

awesome… Sica <3

Noberti Chandra says:

there are shinee and red velvet at this event rite?
anyone know did they meet each other??

Mi Trần says:

who singing with jessica?

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