161018 part3 laysha 레이샤 Goeun 고은

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Dont Re Upload!!!!!!
BJ 고은


EMAN says:

I love these women!!😍😍 Absolutely Beautiful and Talented!!😍😍

陳美美 says:

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nau tika says:

lol this girl is so awesome <3 love you go eun (barely understand your English tho but ty for trying LOL)

바나나기어봉 says:

좀 그러지 맙시다 앞에서 한마디못할것들 상처받아요

신사동이사마 says:

돈이면 다리도 벌릴듯

오ᄇᄉ says:

인생 한심하게 산다

뭐야 says:

얼굴 성형햇구 가슴도 했나?

Ali Jalan says:

kmu youlove

홍성욱 says:

미친년들 짱개앞에 돈받고 몸을 파네..ㅎㅎ

Doug guoD says:

Curious as to how you got these vids, you a friend? Anyhow, Som & Goeun a good combination.

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