180522 BTS at LAS Airport Heading Back to Korea [HD Fancam + Photo]

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Today BTS Spotted at LAS airport heading back to Korea after finished US schedule. Once again congratulation to BTS for winning Top Social Awards for the 2nd time in a row! Congratulations! #BTS_BBMAs Safe Flight!

Credit to the owner as tagged on video. I don’t own this fancam + photo. Just want to share to International ARMY. Thanks


Rika Komariah says:

I made an origami BTS logo ☺️
Hope you wanna check it out :
Saranghae~ 🙆🏻‍♀️💋

안홍순 says:

태영 머리 짧으면 더 멋있을거같아~~

Ombre Pixel says:

I heckin love when Jimin wears sunglasses and a beanie like that, it's beautiful 😂

Hd Huhc says:

ZOOM @3:42

V's right neck/upper shoulder…Hmmm

And Jk's neck….

What happened ahahaha

Marie Bernadette Dorelus says:

My baby Jimin

Danielle Santiago says:

whyyyyy i thought they were going on two shows….. i guess not

Your cup of Tae says:

In the thumbnail look at Taehyung's neck?! What is that is that a mosquito bite?! Or what?!

Aira Monzales says:

welcome back home boys!! take care and get some rest. i love you!! ❤

Anidz _D says:

1:19 Bang PD-nim?

InSidiouS BTS says:

Please BTS comeback to Korea safely

B Hlutei says:

it look like they don't even have time to rest maybe just my view

Kim Bangtae says:

Taehyungiiiiee 🐯🐯🐯

Izanami 2803 says:

😭we love you guys

candy doll says:

a papus beios guapos sensualones LMAOOO

Mani Toni says:

Na ja , die Jungs fliegen wieder nach Hause… Die Spannung hält sich in Grenzen … Das Leben geht weiter…😂

International Playboy says:

Yes they deserve to go back to their home, even though I'll miss them, they work super hard for all of us here in the USA. They deserve to rest a bit now. 😀
Thank you Bangtan Boys for all your love! 🤗💙

directioner_ love says:

I saw a pic of Jin holding the Top social artist card 😂 he did it again

Emily Love says:

Taehyung so handsome 😍💜

NoctLightCloud says:

Come to Europe too, if you have time^^

JungShookish says:

Awe! 💕💕 Back to Korea they go! Hopefully they had fun in America. Can't wait for them to come back for their tour.

doreen david says:

safe jrny BTS

Manaswini Vallabhu says:

Guys i saw bang pdnim with them tell me I saw correctly I’m waiting for someone to say I like you bang pdnim and thank you for everything you do if someone ever sees him can someone tell him how grateful we are to him for taking care of the boys so well and being a wonderful mentor

sugas expensive glasses says:

Finally can't wait for the comeback show

Renee Taylor-Pearce says:

Oh no! I thought they woupd stay for the RDMAs too. 🙁

gardenia 89 says:

Noooo! *Agressively plays "Don't leave me" in the background *

Sandy Mejia says:

Awwww i already miss them 😢

Elize Lizz says:

I love these boys so much. They always greet ARMY. Thank you AMERICAN ARMYs for protecting them. 😊 💜

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