[2017 GSL Season 1]Code S Finals Set1 soO vs Stats

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Simon V says:

Is there anywhere a full english version video available? found one that I thought was english, then these two people started talking over it in well whatever it was, it wasnt english.

These all the sets seperate videos are nice, but just by seeing how many there are / the length of the video….. it spoils everything on multiple levels.. I dont wanna know how many games were played in any Bo# matches, before I start watching, I dont wanna see the exact time when the match will end on the moment before I can even start to watch….

Could we please get some small time thinking started about how not to ruin by spoiling parts of the gsl finals for english only talking people?

Ademga348 says:

god!720 – 2017!WHY

felo7474 says:

Why would anyone ever cast a game with healthbars turned off…

이주형 says:

What is gsl final bgm?

Alejandro Lee says:

Kudos for the quick uploads! 😀

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