[2017 GSL Season 1]Code S Finals Set2 soO vs Stats

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King Gregorius says:

TL:DR? This match is seriously why I watch starcraft.

I find it really funny how lots of people say "make adepts + win" but there is SO MUCH MORE going on in this match ( to say the least )

a) these players are at a high enough level to know how to deal with any situation/ unit composition in the entire game
b) these players study each others play-style/ habits excessively, especially when given time to prep before a finals
c) in my opinion, stats really won this game when he got that early probe scout on the lings. he had literally just enough time to change his game plan to punish the rush. he then solidified this into an even greater advantage by AGAIN changing his plan (from adept harass/airtoss mixed play) to an adept/ sentry/ warp prism all in.

There is so much to say about this match, it was a legendary display of a highly calculated pre game plan with perfect adaptation mixed in. THIS is why he won here.

Wafri Yusof says:

I hope everyone is watching this and actually realize how silly Adepts and Warp Prism currently..Sad to be Zerg at this point of time . I hope Blizzard will fix this soon . thx ! GGWP !

Jeff says:

Double nose pick! @4:25

chrismasterith says:

Pro strategy for top RTS in the world is….build mass adepts, win? GG blizzard

Jonathan Wu says:

Holy crap, the mind games. O_o

Charlie Suh says:

mg that was asome amazing, perfect adept play XD

Erwin Swaray says:

This was brutal . Soo was completely outplayed.

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