[2017 GSL Season 1]Code S Ro.16 Group B Match3 Classic vs INnoVation

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Lord Scorpion says:

Can medivacs still carry sieged tanks? Cuz i dont see terran players moving sieged tanks around anymore

Romick Vieira says:

Terran so OP.. the mines are soooo OP man… u need detection to deal with them…. so fcked uo units… AOE, burrowed… liberators mad OP and marines almmost free wtf..

Sebastian Matarelli says:

what a throw on game 1

Jomi says:

Kaelaris has a beard

chrismasterith says:

…which I thought was the best quote until Artosis told his gremlin butt wrapping story

chrismasterith says:

tasteless says too much girth

Goenitz33 says:

The machine cannot be stopped

BoUnTY1233 says:

look at the supply

Granas1988 says:

GSL just finished and I can watch it on Youtube. AfreecaTV I LOVE you <3

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