[2017 GSL Season 1]Code S Ro.4 Match2 Stats vs Ryung

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KiIlerman says:

game 5 so sickk

Pizza Dude says:

when is the finals?

Chris S says:

I don't understand why even with one the most important tournaments (code s semi finals) we can't even have these people bothered to turn on hp bars…

No hp bars sucks so much of the fun and suspense out of the games.

Hageving says:

Heja hejaren som hejade på Stats 🙂

Björn Wilke says:

Such a great series!

Christopher Dohl says:

What's wrong with you guys? If you wanna whine go play LoL like all the other kids. Yes everyone of us has difficulties with the other races but its on us to handle this. Nothing is broke, even if it looks sometimes like it. It is you and me who are just not good enough to handle with some unit compositions. So go and play and practise against it and stop whining, its discusting

@stats gg well played ! <– That's how the starcraft community treat each other

PetrSojnek says:

really great game aside, I must say I'm kind of surprised how GOOD those commentators are… This is really amazing. I mean I didn't expect bad, I expected good, but not THIS good.

Screen-Peeker says:

TY was the most underrepresented player in this series… real shame on tasteosis for focusing in on these amateurs

kowalityjesus says:

"Will it be Soo-syphus or Stat-syphus"
O God… Artosis, you are SO worthy.

kowalityjesus says:

Huge respect to Ryung. Such a skilled, intelligent and mature player.

Also, Tastosis knocking it OUT OF THE PARK as always.

DonReba says:

Would someone please explain to Tasteless which one of Colossus/Colossi is plural and which one is singular?

GoogleKeptBotheringMeToMakeANewNameSoIDecidedToMakeAReallyLoooooooooooooooooongName says:

i think its fair to say that stats is probably the most consistent player in lotv.. imo the best

Kirk K says:

I just want to take a facial wipe and clean stats face…..

Harvey O'Sullivan says:

47:22 lol

지나가는화학충 says:

섭섭해~ 머르신 결승 ㅊㅊ

Owen Huang says:

This is not 720p….more like 360p

윤의현 says:

한국어 해설은요?…

Straddllw says:

PvZ is my favourite matchup to watch. So much variety. Can't wait for the finals.

CSH153 says:

국내 방송분 빨리 업로드 해주세요 보고싶어요

황동현 says:

Amazing game. Especially surprised in Ryung's play. He really did his best and nearly got Stats. Congrats for stats as well. Can't wait to see the final against Soo.

chrismasterith says:

So, are we not sick of seeing overpowered Adepts win by themselves?

chavonuevo says:

What the heck are those jackets that Tasteless and Artosis are wearing??

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit says:

Spectacular series.

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