[2017 GSL Season 2]Code S Finals GuMiho vs soO

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Duy Hung Nguyen says:

Soo = Second Infinity

J2 digital says:

Thanks @TotalBiscuit 2017 for spoiling the GSL finals during his KOTH monthly tournament the same day as GSL aired. I didn't get a chance to watch it live but I'm going to watch this VOD anyway! I would still say soO is overall the best player in the world. I mean no one else is as consistent as him. Look at Zest and sort of Stats/Byun for examples. And hey there isn't a mental block or curse for Blizzcon so win it there! soO keep fighting!!

fightcancer says:

Yay!! Tastosis! I've missed the excellent commentary!

mt89 says:

piece of shit turtle terran, no skill, no respect

MR tao says:


RodelIturalde says:

Mech is just way to strong.

1011010101101 says:

GuMiho deserves this so much.. I still have in mind the WOL match vs Losira, one of the best WOL games ever.. he finally evolved into champion.

黃宇豪 says:

they shouldn't say "gumiho is your gsl champion"
they should say "soo is your gsl runner up"

Mahmudur Rahman says:

2013 wcs:
Season 1(Korea): Soulkey won vs Innovation(4-3)
This is the 1st tournament after the release of HOTS.Meta wasn't developed properly. Soulkey's win was just an accident.

Season 2(America):Jaedong was defeated by Polt(4-0)
Season 2(Final):Jaedong was defeated by Bomber(4-0)
Season 3(America):Byul was defeated by Polt(4-1)
Season 3(Korea):Soo was defeated by Dear(4-2)
Global Final: Jaedong was defeated by SOS(4-1)

2014 wcs:

Season 1(Korea):Soo was defeated by Zest(4-3)
Season 1(America):Hyun won against Oz(4-2) [The only exception]
Season 2(Korea):Soo was defeated by Classic(4-2)
Season 3(Korea):Soo was defeated by Innovation(4-2)

I have no interest about sc2 outside of korean players. So I am not counting World championship series from 2015.

2015 wcs:

Season 2 GSL: Byul was defeated by Rain (4-2)
Season 3 GSL: Byul was defeated by Innovation (4-2)
Season 3 SSL: Byul was defeated by hero (4-2)

This is the overall performance by zerg players in the wcs tournament final except Life. Then Life got banned. I stopped watching sc2 esports because I support zerg in the tournament and since Life is gone zerg has no chance. Although trend continued!

wcs 2016:

Season 1 SSL: Dark won vs Stats.(4-2)
This is the 1st tournament after the release of LOTV. Meta wasn't developed properly. Dark's win was just an accident.

Season 1 Cross Final: Dark was defeated by Stats (3-1)
Season 2 SSL and Cross Final: zvz
Global Final: Dark was defeated by Byun (4-2)

wcs 2017:

Season 1 GSL: Soo was defeated by Stats (4-2)
Season 1 SSL: Solar was defeated by Innovation (4-1)

More than 1 year has passed since I stopped watching SC2 esports. After a long break I watched the following game:

Season 2 GSL: Soo was defeated by Gumiho (4-2)

This game just has validated my decision.

These losers/chokers(Soo, Dark, Byul…….) are nothing but painful to watch. Goodbye SC2.



1903 qns says:

이미 병재가 미리보는 지에셀 결승인 올리모리그에서 4:0으로 윤수 박살냈었어. 지금하고 거의 똑같은 빌드로. 이건 윤수가 못한거도 있지만 병재가 상성을 잘 파악한 거야.그리고 전통적으로 저그는 200싸움으로 가면 어느종족하고도 이기기가 힘들어. 알잖아. 그래서 초기에 집중하는거.

Sleeping Giant says:


TFWB says:

What an epic series. Wow. One of the best finals series I've ever seen! That first game holysh~

Hwi Jin Kim says:

Oh my god, Soo has lost again?!

momusu17 says:

Game one is one of the all time greatest games in SC2 history

donmige81 says:

Zerg needs scourge

Mrwolf says:

gumiho mech it happen, first time i saw battlecruisers ever in pro play!

Anders says:

I want GuMiho's towel signed!

Anders says:


Chralle says:

FUN FACT: gumiho means rubber-hoe in danish

aha aha aha aaha
– flies away…

Bizket Butt says:

1:31:14 arotisis officially comes out of the closet

Capt says:

SoO is 1st at 2nd place… by far

drjchook says:


nguyen quang says:

Rat starcraft best starcraft?

smasher9007 says:

Like sure soo is 6 finals no win but Gumiho has been code s 7 years… I mean he deserves it.

Monsieur Jeaques says:

Amazing first game!

Hageving says:

soO made a Hot 6…

misterxy1994 says:

i was wondering why soo never made any swarmhosts

Seraphim Veluvian says:

That guy in the crowd on 14:25 with the white cap looks like Fantasy…

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