[2017 GSL Season 3]Code S Finals sOs vs INnoVation

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martin bergholdt says:

why is people/females hiding their faces ? :/

Marek Madej says:

43:28 its Elazer

Lorenzo Malizia says:

Innovation figlio di puttana

Snowohow says:

These guys are hands down the best commentators in SC2 history

Nhifu says:

is it me or TvP is kinda boring

Vii bunny says:

if only tastosis can cast every gsl wcs match

Haskell Type says:

I can watch this over and over again..

Force Before says:

omg… they brought their mothers into it lmao. thats cute and amusing.

Marco says:

54:5356:18 best twist 2017

Mihir Gaikwad says:

Legendary final. Truly epic !

Jörg Grx says:

Searching for GSL 2017 Season 3 in Youtube > Result:Finals sOs vs INnoVation Great Spoiler Idiots KK thx bye -_-

hardmaiden123 says:

56:21 Anybody knows which version of Linking park – Numb is playing in the backround?

J2 digital says:

1:34:52 "Women love him, men hate him! Click here to find out why"

morin Tsu says:

I want to know Intro music 00:00

J2 digital says:

What is all this talk about Innovation being bored with starcraft? Has he just won too much and now he just wants to play different games?

Lau YC says:

I see black pink.

Skylo Ren says:

Great finals! So many hilarious moments from Tasteosis. Thanks AfreecaTV. The best game I have seen this year is Innovation vs TY on Abyssal Reef during GSL vs the World. Truly sick game.

Midnight Commander says:

Tasteless that's not what they said.

TheVanillatech says:

WTF tasteless?! I'm gone for one year and now you got GREY in your beard?!?! :DD Well played!

Mario D. Zmaj says:

fuck innovation

rong cheng says:

this is innovation !!!

Filippo Veronese says:

Artosis is so gay

Brian Orr says:

@2:05:00 SIIIIICK GAME :O sOs!!!! You monster~~~~

ruben932000 says:

On dirait des extraterrestres !!

Partick v.d. E says:

Next to their names it says suff like: "T4" and "P10", what does it mean? I guess the letter stands for race, but what about the number?

neeksthecuz says:

Man this series delivered ! Both played out of their minds but there can only be one winner !

Edward Yu says:


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