[2017 GSL Season 3]Code S Ro.32 Group H Match1 TY vs SpeCIaL

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Константин Иванов says:

rapid quit casting pls

LuKiSCraft says:

Although Tasteless is a far better caster than Rapid, I have to say Rapid has been getting a TON better. If anyone has seen Rapid's cast with Valdes for an ealier GSL (I think 2017 Season 1?) then you will know what I'm talking about.

Bunnies Kitties says:

Im surprised people hate on Rapid this much, I think its become something of a trendy thing to do. Brainless fuckmuppets rag on him because they see others doing it. A bunch of follow the leader mentalities.

Even if he was as bad as those people claim, its just deconstructive non-criticism to say 'He's bad'.

Monsieur Jeaques says:

Omfg I cant watch GSL now too with f*ing rapid showing up there more and more -.- gonna have to start watching other stuff…

Jay Oh says:

Husky starcraft !! Hell yeah !

Matthew Clark says:

Did artosis just try to say he was the first voice pack… 😂😂😂 iiiiiiiii think it was total biscuit 😂

팝쟁이 갸무 says:

여기 못배운사람들 많네 양키가 뭐냐 양키가

Nicholas Lopez says:

every time rapid says destiny cloud fist it reminds me of the caliber of player he likely is

Khoa Võ Đăng says:

Hi guys, I wonder if there's some way to block Rapid's cast automatically. Maybe machine learning can help.

Cakez509 says:

Next time replace tasteless with some static, would be a little easier to listen to

Nathan Mathews says:

I wonder if Rapid gets annoyed by his own casts?

Keshimaru says:

Lol get 0-2'd you fat fuck

이승훈 says:

양키가 지는건 당연

Alex Huang says:

Best TvT in Ro32 so far…

danielgr86 says:

Special with TY hat and special with an S in his jacket

박지철 says:

속도에 전태양이 양키한테 지겟냐

Taylor Snyder says:

How can I find out match order on these vods?

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