[2017 GSL Season 3]Code S Ro.4 Day1 Match1 sOs vs Stats

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Robert R. Hasspacher says:

10:00 Both players are absolutely such excellent sportsmen.

Kenly Ang says:

WHAT did I just watch??

Kerk Wei Feng says:

give likes to sOs hey you all
he is back 2 time world cham


한국어는 왜 안올라오나요?

legit Flat! says:

balanced game ggop

zymphad says:

Who is the interviewer? Her name?

孙雪岩 says:


Wesley King says:

That fourth game was a masterpiece by sOs. Wheels within wheels.

Roger Mayes says:

That second game! Wow!

Do a two base, 6 gateway all-in, but delay making the gateways a little, and use that delay to tech to templar. Then your first attack force looks like just a little bit of a beefy 3 base force for that timing; as though you already had 3 bases, and were a little bit ahead of your opponent. Attack with it and then retreat all the way back to your base into a defensive position to really reinforce that impression. So your opponent hurries to build a 3rd nexus and defend it with the mothership core while defending the natural and main with the army. Put arcons in your 2nd attack force to deal with force fields. Carry a templar in the warp prism behind your 2nd attack force; use the 2nd attack force to cut your opponent's army off from their 3rd, where you drop the templar and feedback and destroy the mothership core. Then start attacking your opponent's natural – pick up your arcons with the prism and drop them on any force fields your opponent tries to use. Then warp in your 6 gateway force and start rolling over your opponent's natural. The fact that you're doing a 2 base all-in isn't even really fully revealed until that point! But at that point, it is definitely fully revealed, and your enemy knows he's doomed, hehe. Oh man, trust SoS to come up with something like that. Two of SoS's take downs could have been averted, maybe, if Stats had done just a little bit more scouting. So a key part of the plan must have been do things to try to to keep Stats busy enough to fail to scout sufficiently.

These games are played at such a high speed that I guess you're basically maneuvering on instinct. Action and reaction, sort of like martial arts sparring. If you practice a martial art, you can get familiar with what people practice, and you can have a pretty good idea of what someone's honed response to something you do will very likely be. When you have more training than someone else, you can do things to cause them to respond in a way that makes them vulnerable. It seems like SoS did that to Stats in a fairly solid and obvious way in this series.

으핫 says:

이병렬 징크스가 이걸ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Brains beat skill. sOs too unpredictable for standard players

Mengqi Deng says:

Game 4…sickest mindgame I've seen in a long while

Boris Medarski says:

Players like sOs drives the scene !!! Players who always experiment and refuse to go standart :)))

Kimmo Zero says:

That feedback on the core is just fucking genius.

Evan Zeng says:

sOs is an atypical player who refuses to play regular boring games thus makes them far more entertaining, love him.

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