20170708 | Hyelin (EXID) – You Raise Me Up [FEEL KOREA – LONDON 2017] [FANCAM]

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Hopefully, youtube stabilise will save you from the shambled mess I became when this beautiful angel appeared and blessed me with her vocals.

Recorded using the “Samsung S7 Edge”


Pink Cricketer says:

Since the departure of Solji, Hyerin has really come into her own as the magnificent vocalist we all knew she could be. In this case she not only showed us what a great vocalist she is, but also what a benevolent humanitarian. What a lovely human being!!!

Ji Hoon says:

Such a great performance 😘😘😘

Patrick Kenyon says:

That was beautiful.
Love you, Hyelin.
Stand strong, London.

Patricia says:

Hyerin 👍👏💖

EXceedInDrooling • says:

How can y'all stay so stable when queenface is singing through my soul… I would've been her hype woman, also the one to piss their pants

SpaceFlare says:

Our beautiful potato is so angelic omg

Jimoan Park says:

this was so amazing live ❤

Whanzaa Saranghey says:

So proud of them

Hani stole my wife says:

such a stable cam!!

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