[2018 GSL SuperTournament II] Ro.16 Day1 Match1 Maru vs Rogue

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[2018 GSL SuperTournament II] Ro.16 Day1
Ro.16 Day1: Maru, Rogue, sOs, KeeN, Impact, Solar, Stats, Trap


durp hurp says:

i've watched like 20 games of starcraft2 on this channel recently and i've yet to see a single game where zerg wins vs terran.

Chris Lee says:

" 10 more liberators coming out right now, 10! omg"

madumlao says:

Pffft. Marauders winning against ultras is just crazy stupid design.

GroundZero says:

Look maru is great but Zerg has been shit all season… just look at the WCS points for the top Zergs… there's none in the top eight…

Shiyi YIN says:

Artosis and tasteless are the best, please keep these two for another 100 years

매너남신사 says:

아니 한국판 언제올리냐고 왜 맨날 늦어

Mark Stokes says:

Rogue put 100k on Maru to win 3-0…….🤣

Ryder Draconis says:

Maru vs Rogue on the very first match? Setting the bar much?

Jae Park says:

Terran so broken that I dont do know whether to laugh or be sad for the state of the game. I’m a T player myself but I feel sorry for all these Z / P players fighting unfair matches

Made in Resita Some time ago says:


Jefferson De La Cruz says:

"You can proxy alligators" LMAO I laughed so hard on that one

Mike P says:

It’s not even fun to watch. Terran can pressure and not even be at a disadvantage. Stop playing on 2 player maps already……

Prodromos Regalides says:

13:09 Yeah no shame tasteless and artosis. Why shouldn't Maru proxy? And why shouldn't he do that a lot? So, that he leaves his opponents quiet and sure? I really can't believe my ears, especially this coming from professional commenters… just lame! And a huge disrespect to one of all time strongest players. If you can win 5 games in 1 hour instead of 3 why not? So you get exhausted needlessly? And always let your opponents play where they are strong? Time and again Maru has proved that can take care all wannabes in long and short games, even when seemingly losing. Plus , the rules of the spectacle dictate that proxying provide surprises is somethiing genefally wanted, that is it is good for the viewers. Really ? All he does is proxying? So he does not deserve his wins? Is that you want to say you, ungrateful little …?

Gian Von Alkier says:

What is with Rogue Hairstyle this is why he lose 🙁

PandaCupid Fairy says:

dead game because of balance

Ethereal Hunterling says:

Give me a Maru vs Serral best of ∞

Nicholas Meyer says:

"When Maru is ahead of you, you've lost.
When Maru is equal with you, Maru's ahead.
When Maru is behind you, the game is equal."
– Artosis.
Never have I ever heard something so profound in gaming commentary.

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