[2019 GSL S1] Ro.16 Group C Match3 (Winners'Match)

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[2019 GSL Season 1] Code S Ro.16 Group C
Group C: Classic, Trap, INnoVation, sOs


kain seviers says:

He's the championship caliber level no doubt as for a Protoss player.

ParleLeVu says:

Classic a boring Protoss. Him and Stats are SC2 killers, as in making people stop watching. Hero, Has and SoS keeping Protoss interesting.

ASDsafsa sadjsakdnhsa says:

I love watching SoS

Steffan Boodhoo says:

i really wished sOs won that last game

Jackson Smith says:

Always puts a smile on my face when I hear tastosis

Notna Reee says:

Holy shit the Koreans know how to do gaming shows and interviews it's awesome

matt gru says:

protoss for the

babycankles297 says:

I'm happy they talked about how fucking garbo PvP Phoenix vs Phoenix was. PvP is in such a better place now

TranscendentalMental says:

4:32 Game 1 Start

Skye says:

Man you guys need to post info on that back music during breaks. Someone out there enjoys hard but good music.

Hannes Pi says:

Ow damn look at that immortal just poking

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