[2019 GSL S1] Ro.32 Group G Match5 (Final Match)

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[2019 GSL Season 1] Code S Ro.32 Group G
Group G: TY, FanTaSy, Impact, Leenock


RobinLSL says:

Wario Ware is nothing like Mario Party… It's a single player game mostly!

Abeltensor says:

Yeah Zerg is in a horrible position this patch. I get it, hydras were too strong but that's a side effect of them being the only viable anti air ground unit that Zerg has (ignoring queen). Now hydras are just barely not cost effective enough and Zerg has lost their economic edge against the other races. Nerf the hydras but help Zerg somewhere else.. what about fixing the horrible state of infestors? Fungal was a badly designed spell, remove it and give them something like plague.

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