[2019 GSL S1] Ro.4 Day1 Dark vs Classic

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[ENG] 2019 GSL S1 Code S RO4 Day1
RO4 Match1: Dark vs Classic


Fischer Lewis says:

Guys this sweet series…

Fischer Lewis says:

Thank the Lord it’s Tastosis!! They need to pay these guys twice as much and make them cast EVERY good matchup..

Captain Goomba says:

Those immortals in game one were epic!!!

Frank Z says:

Wow, Leenock is getting outplayed…I mean, Rogu..Dark.

Precious Duck says:

Throw out 7 builds, 3 fail 4 win. Seems legit.

Offensive Bias says:

too bad maru is gonna rekkkk

Luqe Prisecaru says:

holey guacamoley first gaem

Darcy de Joux says:

I watched this on mute it was great

Ben says:

imagine if Classic beats the 2 best Zergs in Korea only to meet Maru in the finals and lose lol … If it is PvP i think Classic wins this GSL. Lets see who wins that match.

Saeid Yazdani says:


Saeid Yazdani says:

Chinsarro Chinnadar 🙂

Conner McKinnon says:

MY GOD CLASSIC GAME 2-3!! Game 4 lets gooooo!

Paul Michael says:

Dark is a great player but he always chockes.

Hi, Neighbor! says:

Dark got fat

Baimurat Yedilbayev says:

is it just me, or did dark lose weight lately?

Wot Wot says:

In case anyone is a Geoff Tate fan here. The opening song is indeed his voice:
Alchemy (feat. Geoff Tate) – Avantasia

Ricky C. says:

Immortals hold the line 🙂

FreeAndEffed says:

God, Dark is just so sick.

richard5X5 says:

Sesame Street casting! 😂

Gannicus says:

Dark is 100% a choker… he always chocks in big games!!

Theeraphat Sunthornwit says:

dark is much ..much fatter..

Štefan Gabura says:

Tasteless school of safe commenting: "I dont want to be the gamble man" to call the tech choice … wow

Zechs M says:

The Two funniest comments in Twitch Live chat was "CHINISH HIM!" and "If Classic shaved his head he would look like One Punch Man." Please submit your votes in the comments below.

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