[2019 GSL S2] Code S Finals Trap vs Dark

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[2019 GSL Season 2] Code S Finals Trap vs Dark


bta1987 says:

I wish we have more gsl and more SC2 tournament in the years to come, the type of viral so-called "esport" that I see on espn these days disgust me, battle royal what? fps what? there's only one esport and it is 1v1 and it is Starcraft!!!!!!!!

bugalu says:

right its the prodos that are OP

Doomxeen says:

That tunneling Roach play was AWESOME!

Dominik Kowalski says:

Yet again fukin IMBA zerg wins the tournament, this is so boring. Dark was crying that protoss is IMBA ??? LOL ? How IMBA protoss can't win any tournament lately ? Just nerfed zergs win all the time ?

son of South says:

Dark has finally come of age

neeksthecuz says:

Dark has always been a favorite of mine to watch, so exciting to in general and especially in PvZ. Shout out to Trap for the top notch play that got him here but Dark played out of his mind this season, more so because #protossOP was definitely real. GRATS TO DARK, FOR THE SWARM

Biopowered says:

32:50 They need a seizure warning on this damn

Hakim Bunawar says:

That commentator at the end needs to chill the fuck out

Christopher Nation says:

So Glad tastosis casted the final those other two guys sounded like they were gonna piss their pants. Why would you make such high pitch voice muthafuckas casters? Couldn't even watch RO8 day 2 because of those guys.

ken adams says:

30 000 000w = 25 332$ !!!

Serghei Tricolici says:

This was insane, congratz to Dark and to Trap! Never giving up eventually brings value! The show and the emotions were over the top!

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