[2019 GSL S2] Ro.16 Group B Match3 (Winners'Match)

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[2019 GSL Season 2] Code S Ro.16 Group B
Group B: GuMiho, PartinG, Dear, soO


keeeeen1022 says:

Want this cheesy smug fck to get rekt by classic

Ein Warmer Frühlingstag says:

So Parting did only cheese and thinks himself as something-special? 🤣

Mitchell Koh says:

The interview got translated wrong where he was talking about MaxPax build. Parting said that normal koreans dont look at other region’s build (implying that he himself watches other regions and uses their builds a lot). The translator mistakenly said that parting doesnt look at other region builds and thus artosis at the end got pissed. 🙂

Ryan Liu says:

Lmao maxpax. Parting was having a full-on conversation with gyuri

Ryan Liu says:

Parting is so good

Old OddJobs says:


Ruben ASDF says:

The return of parting

Nyde Archives says:

Holy shit, Big Boy is back in black

colpow11 says:

Gyuri is totally awesome. Best host.

나은손 says:

이게 게임이냐

Soohan Cho says:

First 2 view

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