[2019 GSL S2] Ro.8 Day1 Match1 Classic vs soO

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[2019 GSL Season 2] Code S Ro.8 Day1
Ro.8 Day1: Classic, soO, Trap, INnoVation


Jordan Stout says:

Classic turned the gun sideways on that one

echostarling84 says:

All we ask is song lists!!!

BigJoe6669 says:

classic is full cocky but he is playing the most broken race right now ….👎

Disafear says:

Man, Protoss…

Thomas Posen says:

Wow. I love the GSL.

Andrew D says:

Turn on health boxes next time.

VenomousStare says:


VenomousStare says:

29:30 JOKE

Mac Gaming says:

zerg's definitely not broken

l33tpie says:

No one:
Classic: My potions are too strong for you traveler.

stkfr says:

new popular ladder cancer build incoming dear zerg fellows…

The Doom From Latveria says:

21:43 "None of the units in brood war really counter other units as hard as in SC2"… FACEPALM.

Has he not seen a zergling roasting by firebats? That is just scratching the surface.

Xiao Zhang says:

Is it just me or does Classic look a tad bit like Has

Chucky Deezal says:

Damn that sucked… Frustrating to see a no scout zerg on turbo getting cannon rushed. How do you not just chase that first incoming probe. Never trust a probe. As alluded to in another comment… The one spore against mass phoenix kills me. Guess it cost much more than 12 drones.

ht h says:

classic fighting! Artanis!

Sayer Slayer says:

whats the song at the end, anyone?

Joseph Broz Primaylon says:

34:40 what's the name of the song anyone?!

Mike Bradshaw says:

Amazing plays

Christopher Norman says:

Hey Afreeca, I was watching this live on YouTube and the chat was full of bots spamming porn links. The chat was completely unusable. Please address this for future broadcasts.

monkeybunny89 says:

Everytime I see Classic's face I hear abathar going "assimilation complete"

Kapalek84 says:

Awesome games!!!!

James Daf says:

Anyone explain me: why Soo placed spines in a line in front of cannons instead of placing them near the rightmost one, slowly killing cannons one by one?

DooMWhite X says:

Did anyone understand that translation?

Rurushu Lamporouge says:

Why don't more zerg use nydus builds? The few I've seen are all very successful. I would love to see some more aggression play from zergs rather than just sit back and keep counting drones for 15 minutes.

kaijuhk says:

Song at 25:40? "mary mary mercenary down my throat do i feel alright i'm just dead on the inside"

Øystein Tollefsen says:

The problem is that right now, if zerg can't scout correctly he just dies vs protos. And another thing with these zergs that has been bothering me for some time. Why do they keep building only 1 spore in each mineral line. Yes it costs a drone and it costs some money, but compared to how many drones that die so easily…

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