[2019 GSL S2] Ro.8 Day1 Match2 Trap vs INnoVation

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[2019 GSL Season 2] Code S Ro.8 Day1
Ro.8 Day1: Classic, soO, Trap, INnoVation


ayasinsk says:

OP toss for the win, nothing to see here

Cray2TheZ says:

Why play Z or T when you can just play P and psi-storm your way to an auto-win? It's amazing that inno got beat playing like a monster! I hope Dark wins the GSL!

Ward Craft says:

'Keep clam'

Алексей Попов says:

ну и кто там говорил что мех терран не играет в пвт?

scifitoilet says:

inno only ever loses cuz protoss is op.

zaubergarden says:

magnificent beard tasteless

theking hmimidou says:

i think my eye bleeded after innovation emp all the high templar but still got stormed to death

theking hmimidou says:

bio is dead gg blizzard

Fischer Lewis says:

Woaw! Inno without glasses

Zebidy says:

Inno's lib controlled thought the game was mediocre. They kept all dying to storm, and it lost him the tiebreaker game

Dylan Dowdy says:

Protoss is so OP. Its an absolute joke. Blizzard needs to get it together.

chad lumetta says:

PVP is the most boring thing to watch in all of SC. I don't think Dark is gonna make it. And it looks like all we're gonna see is trashtoss now.

Old OddJobs says:

when innovation demolished stats with ease it showed just how good innovation is

when trap narrowly defeated innovation in the next round it showed just how OP protoss is

and the terran whining is approaching a kind of mental illness

timlamiam says:

Toss so OP rn it's a joke

Captain Goomba says:

It's not that the Terran race as a whole is weaker than Protoss. They have all the tools and perfectly controlled they are formidable. It's just that they require so much babysitting compared to Protoss and Zerg, and one bad engage against storm/fungal and it's GG. This is compounded by their lack of warp reinforcements and no creep highways, making a comeback after a bad fight very hard. I think Blizzard should simply looking into making Terran a little easier to play somehow, not necessarily buffing their units.

Owl Raider says:

Innovation has always been a 1 trick pony of sorts. It's just that for a very long time he was the best player in the world by a significant margin where his 1 trick, which isn't really a trick just rock solid macro game, was enough for him to beat everyone. Now that he's no longer the best in the world his inability or unwillingness to utilize creative builds, cheese every now and than, etc, were his downfall. Trap basically played Innovation's game, not the typical aggressive Protoss style most players in the GSL played thus far, and still won.

Štefan Gabura says:

First time ever protoss casts emp on Raven. Courtesy of Tasteless

Chris Parker says:

Welp. Gonna miss these finals…

Baraka Gitari says:

Awesome games to watch, this is why I like sc2

Yd C says:

1:33:40 hilarious commentary

Yd C says:

42:00 it's called defender's advantage with how innovation's reinforcements are taking a while. it's even more pronounced on a map this big

Kevin Nguyen says:

These guys need to learn a thing or two about sportsmanship.

채널.아름날개 says:


the binsh says:

"Those who can't win as a Terran, can win a championship, if they play Protoss. Since it's easy…" -Innovation 2019

Stoeff1987 says:

Toss OP since 3 weeks after WoL beta

samsorge27 says:

It's so awesome, that gsl has come to YouTube!

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