[2019 GSL S2] Ro.8 Day2 Match2 herO vs Dark

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[2019 GSL Season 2] Code S Ro.8 Day2
Ro.8 Day2: Hurricane, PartinG, herO, Dark


junibismalis says:

Dark will clean up all the Protoss that do not belong in the round of 8 and 4

Alex Chang says:

All 3 round of 8 non protoss players SoO, Innovation and Dark said protoss is OP and needs nerf.
Dark went even further at saying that only protoss players tries to refute that.
This GSL has a high chance of Dark at the finals. At least is not a PvP.

uredeadmeat says:

fuck these cancer casters, i need to find this series without these fuckers

Sergio Mamani Aguilar says:

My 2 favorites players from the other 2 races

pingkai says:

Forget to wall off, forget to wall off , forget to wall off……..

trickypixie21 says:

Love the casting, hope we see y'all more!

Nahshon Daniel says:

Here after watching the innovation game. Gotta say, im so satisfied

AndrePkTo says:

No regret and the other caster did a great job in replacing tastosis, Congrats! 🙂

broderwow says:

Please please fire RAPiD

Mr J says:

im watching tasteless and artosis, i keep hyped for 5 rounds..

i actually fell asleep during the first game, please tell me the legendary duo will be casting the final matches..

AL says:

Does the interviewer look like she had plastic surgery at some point? I’d still bang her tho

Danielion55 says:

Who's casting with NoRegret?

Filip Jozwiakowski says:

I guess the proper way of beating immortal-century pushes is to do a zergling surround and then corrosive bile the shit out of them xD

Skorpion1991 says:

win 3:0 against one of the best protoss, still complain how protoss is op, wtf?

Jack Jones says:


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