2019 GSL Season 1 Finals 예고

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[Promo] 2019 GSL S1 Finals – DO OR DIE.
– Classic(P) vs Maru(T)
– Sunday, April 14th, 17:00 (KST)


ikki itsuki says:

level 29 vs level 99 , lol .

Janusz Kurahenowski says:

Level 29 Crook Classic vs level 99 Boss Maru. That's how starcraft works

정재영 says:

이미 오그라든 손발입니다

아직도페미오브레전드하는흑우들없제? says:

턱사마 화이팅! 종빨의 힘을 보여주자

d00mraptor says:

Wow sick trailer

이현석 says:

압도우적인 힘으로

Jay Mo says:

비하인드 씬들이 너무 보고 싶네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hi Tech says:

Maru in the finals back again yesssssss

Bevilliage says:

0:13 Ok. Someone tell what "Game to beat why yo" means in English. Please. Someone translate.

나루미두루미 says:

CU차 시선강탈..

dxi3n says:

LV 29 vs LV99… hahaha

판사님 says:

Info) This finals is the match of the oldest korean sc2 gamer(born '91) and the youngest korean sc2 gamer('97)

danielgr86 says:

Maru 4-0. Best TvP in the world

허공장 says:

압도적인 힘이 포착이 되었습니다…
여기서 뻥터지네 ㅋㅋㅋ

Chrioni Sta Ana says:

Is classic gay?

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