[2019 GSL ST S2] Ro.16 Match1 Rogue vs Stats

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[2019 GSL SuperTournament II]
Day1(Ro16): Rogue, Stats, Dark, Maru, soO, Impact, GuMiho, Cure


Arthur Pak says:

In game three Stats could have done stasis trap on the queens and killed the 3rd hatch @37:00

Yu-Chieh Kuo says:

silly Rogue you forgot to make infestors =(

D Man says:

"Taste my sword" Dirty bastard

Hilton Preston says:

I can now thankfully zone out when these two start with their stupid jokes

Neo FromTheMatrix says:

GAME1: Since zerg is IMBA Stats just showed us new PvZ meta. Seems Protoss players need to learn from that now.

mauricio hermes says:

It's not the same guy who just won GSL 3….no way… Banes vs Air and archons.?

SubzeroNr1 says:

They need to make the MS good for protoss and for heavens sake increase cost or longer time for zerg free units..

HelpfulJjam says:

get out of here Rogue

straycatnip says:

Nerf protoss

Rene19191 says:

"these storms are amazing" …. is a sentence that bothers me more than it should :D.
I guess they are… but is it really that difficult to right click bunched up units ?

Zen Instinct says:

Stats reached GOD stats now, even beat a race with endless free units and cooldown-less teleportation of any units Ô_0

Jigov says:

This is not a new type of CAnnon rush, thats just one of the options 😛 hahah

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