[4K] 180814 레이샤 (Laysha) Full ver. 고은 (Goeun) 위주 focus / 포항 블럭워터 공연 직캠 fancam by ecu

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-지셀 says:

I’m so gay

Firdhan Sisteminformasi says:

I don't like this

Echi San says:

Don't know what the fuck is this or who the fuck are they/she, but the thumbnail is hot, so i clicked :), can somebody tell me who is she?

Wixard H says:

Selling bodies?

Gaby Franco says:

Me hice lesbiana
estan rikolinas esas shinas xd

Jesús says:

Uuuuufffffff las corenas tu 7w7

Đåïmąøü Ŕãęįi says:

Thats wifey right there but…😢😢

LonelyVibes says:

… what is this?

Nando Lumban raja says:

that's so over

neozen says:

15:55 homeboy in the right corner with glasses is in heaven lmfaoo

AyyItz Cece the Kpop lover says:

Only boys or idol boys that are a perv like this

AyyItz Cece the Kpop lover says:

Too gross🤮

Ruddy Alberto Medrano Rodriguez says:

Ufff eso si seb suculento

darkzer091 says:

wow. i hope those water spraying dipshits break their necks



as if its your last says:

Labas mga manyak….

Stacey Canlas says:


mar ur says:

I want to hes bf I want to have sex with her

mar ur says:

I don't like to be a perv butt big boobs girl

TiaCuppe says:

The girl with the black shorts was swaying her hips as she walked in like YES BITCH I'M THE ONE. I love it.

lalala lilili says:

I actually feel bad for them, why? Cause maybe in deep in their heart they dont want to do things something like this concept or maybe, they just want to become a normal girl grup *sorryformybadenglish

Xxxvm says:

All Fans Laysha Boy?Or Man?Because,Yeah Laysha Sexy and Pretty And She Dance is Erotic 😁

dutls dlaek says:


Tadashi Shoji says:

I didn't know that Korean young fans are that impolite and uncivilised when spraying water on those girl that much.

Baby seho park • says:

They nailed the level up challenge in the begin im inpress OMG they are so talented and now there are wet from the water
EDIT:oct 29 2018

Zuzu_ CrazyBear says:

No me sorprende que sean todos hombres

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