4K fancam 직캠 160507 AOA – Korea Times Music Festival 2016 (Miniskirt)

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I was in the front row but my view was mostly blocked by speakers and a table, so I had to get creative with camera angles. Please forgive the horrible fancam. I almost fainted from being that close to AOA


Hoanganh Tran says:

hidden camera :v

Kirito says:

Why they need to block the view? Might as well go block all and close the stage

jukijunk says:

u got the best view and angle but all that shit is in the way! lol

SumDumGoi says:

Dang, you pay $300+ and you have a stupid speaker in front of you blocking your view… haha nuts! Great vid! I couldnt go but this is the next best thing. 4k on my 4k tv. Thanks!

ken123167 says:

OMG! So close to the stage!! Heart attack…
this fancame is awesome!
Hyejeong's smile and her thighs are so pretty!

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