60FPS 1080P | BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) – Don't Know What To Do Show! Music Core 20190406

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“Enjoy your favorite performance with 60FPS FULL HD video!”
FPS means ‘Frame Per Second’. It has 60frames in a second, so that you can enjoy more vividly and smoothly.
We’re uploading performances that can show you more clear difference compared to earlier version.
Hope you feel like you were on-the-spot or even watching it backstage.

※ If you want more clear difference between this and the original version, I recommend you to watch on PC or TV.


Irish May says:

Lisa your so awesome and fabulous 😍😍♥️my queen

nguyen khoi says:

I like blackpink very much

kimm yo says:

Rose sparkling 💕

Zayn ______dy says:

i want Focus for Lisa

eam zham says:

rosé 😍😘

Hoa Dương Thị says:

Jisoo is very beautiful

pram m says:


ruivo na area maximo says:

i love you rose

Lezquel Carguo says:

I lost my world to jisooooo, youuuuuuu.

princezz2505 says:

0:57 That scream.. was a big mood

Chichu _ SWAEG says:

Love you my queens……i hope people's appreciate Jisoo's improvement

TaeKook Mij says:


harith MN says:

Im your fans

Matowix says:

I love Jennie 😍

해리 says:

they look ethereal 🥺☁️💫🕊

O N C E R is says:

I feel the song totally born for Rose & Lisa.

peanut butter says:

i love Rosé Lisa Jisoo Jennie. don't know what to do without ma queens BLACKPINK. 👑👑👑👑

Nullaysa Sayre says:

is lisa's bangs…

cẩm ly nguyễn says:

i love Park Chaeng young very much <3

Random TV says:

Damn! Lisa looks so fresh and more beautiful with that short hair😍

Healthy Travels says:

Lisa in 0:30 😍😍

Nafa Adzkia says:


Min Chimchim says:

Who the hell let the girls wear short dresses? I can see they aren't comfortable and I can see their underwear. What the hell YG?

•Itz_ Gachakiki• says:

I think the blackpink dress is too short…

miss fati says:

I share on my channel my
compositions and my voice in "whistle" and "bass" if you're interested you can listen to it on my channel

Esty Kim says:

I like their outfit, so girly😍

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