60FPS 1080P | SEVENTEEN – oh My!, 세븐틴 – 어쩌나 Show Music Core 20180721

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60FPS 1080P | SEVENTEEN – oh My!, 세븐틴 – 어쩌나 Show Music Core 20180721

“Enjoy your favorite performance with 60FPS FULL HD video!”
FPS means ‘Frame Per Second’. It has 60frames in a second, so that you can enjoy more vividly and smoothly.
We’re uploading performances that can show you more clear difference compared to earlier version.
Hope you feel like you were on-the-spot or even watching it backstage.

※ If you want more clear difference between this and the original version, I recommend you to watch on PC or TV.


yeon tan says:

2:42 arghh im inlove with jun agaaaiiin he looks so bf material

denisch ___ says:

1:331:38 IM SO BLESSED

Jerson 1337 says:

Thank you whoever made the CC 😭

Um Hi ? says:


Hobi Hobi says:

Is Hansol still recovering from injury and that’s why he was only there to rap his verse??

althea onor says:

That wink tho!! 1:53!!😭😍

Destiny O H S F says:

With happened to vernon????

Anie Mugar says:

Ming ming 😍

Dante de Chêne says:

This is the first time i see eng subs and omg the lyrics are so cute!

Dante de Chêne says:

THE subs oh my

Al H says:

I've been listening to Seventeen since their debut but never really got into them even though I like Hoshi and know the rest of the guys' name. With this song however, I'm definitely sold. It gives me the same feeling Lovelyz's music does (and that's a good thing as I'm a huge Lovelinus).

If anyone's willing to help, please recommend me shows to watch/interviews in order for me to learn more about them.

しろまharu3006 says:

talented fandom stan talented idols. i am; svt trash

keina ! says:

music core is really great :')

the quality of this performance is only enhanced by the great camerawork & the overall control/ power they give to the group audio wise. You can hear that it's them singing right then and there..

All in Mcore is gr8 and give everyone more to examine and appreciate in these otherwise repetitive stage shows. 🙂



Zayda Charles says:

looks at Vernon
Me: when your bias has a better ass then yours

Zayda Charles says:

before watching
Me: oh I'll be fine
while watching
after watching
hiding in the corner hyperventilating and crying from they're beauty

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