[60FPS FANCAM] 180707 Elyxion in MY – The Eve + Forever + Kokobop

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Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdyOjme6Y20EB1ZWT0o4SPzXoZZTyroFG

AXIATA ARENA – Viewed from ZONE 407 ROW B


Tia Min says:

Omg so cool! How i wish i cld go 😭😭 did you mind if i ask what kind of camera are you using? So damn clear than my future! Lmao

AmadKAI _ says:

Pakai camera apa ni 😫

Nur Arifah says:


Aina Nabilah says:

can you please tell me how did you get such a clearer videos of them??? They looked so real :""""D

Kim Kai says:

i already bought the ticket to elyxion and had to sell it back because suddenly had a class in that day and i cried like a crazy person huhuhu i missed a chance to meet my babies again

sherasheng says:

WHAT CAMERA? WHAT TRICK YOU USE TO BRING IT INSIDE THE VENUE? i can't even dare to bring water inside…… hahahaha

paw kim says:

Thanks so much! Reliving the concert! I sat at 405 row K. I couldn't get 407. The view is good, I try and get that next time, lol!

nur insyirah says:

hi can i know what camera did u use and which seat ?

singforsoo says:

omg what phone are you using?!!! it's so clear! I am also in the second floor but it's not this clear. Did you use a zoom lens?

Nasrullah 12 says:

Aku jumpa diaorang kt klia..depan2 mata lagi..walaupun xdpt prgi konsert

Trisha Tabamo says:

i really want to go to an EXO concert😭😭

Sailor DGM says:

Kai did so well I'm so proud of him ;-;

fiesxa shafix says:

Uuuwwwaaaa…..part ni yg aku missed niii…stress giler gara2 lambat masuk arena sbb x dpt parking kereta…dah la lagu2 ni yg nak dgr sgt 😭😭😭

YoungMie MaMa says:

untung gilee diorang yg rumah dekat dngan concert tuu…😭😭😭bila laaa agaknyaa aku dapat pegi concert kpop…❤❤ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Nur Syazana says:

I want go to concert …😭😭😭but i cant ……

Miss Red Riding Hood says:

Aaayyyeee terima kasih bnyak2 sbb upload fancam nih, serius ah dh 5 tahun jd EXOL tp satu konsert pun x dpt pergi, hanya mampu brgantung pada fancam sahaja lmao

Lee Chen Yue says:

woww im from 406 row b !!btw what cam u use yaa its so clear omo

Shadow Spear says:

D.O's hair 😘

Fhadzrilyn Arasid says:

D. O adorable

i stan only for EXO says:

oh malaysia seronoklah diorang dpt pi T_T aku je tk dpt

i stan only for EXO says:

which country?exo T_T

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