AfreecaTV BJ Exposes CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun For His Degrading Instagram DM

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An AfreecaTV broadcast jockey (BJ) has exposed CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyun for his degrading DM he sent her through Instagram.

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Jenaeve Sanchez says:

First of all her youtube videos are basically her wearing short dresses and not wearing any underwear and bending down to reveal her butt and private like WTF she's no better in my opinion!!

Ivy Rose Malaque says:

OMG! If she's so sensitive with those words, she should have worn more clothes.

black angel says:

What did they do all this drama?? … he didn't say something that bad and he didn't say something deserve all this drama .. of course theres alot of boys that said a worse things more than jong hyun like about her body dis anyone tell her show her body and show her self just with underwear?? .. she just want attention from people lol:////


it's Normal Guys… Coz She use Sexy Dress, so if you gonna be respected jut have a polite dress… but anybody else disappointed for the boy and not see what her doing with that a sexy dress… it's nice than he Send Message for a other boy or LGBT

mayonakasei says:

I feel that LJH should have Atleast stopped to consider his career was already on the line. I wish he would have thought twice about sending any kind of strange message to girls after the past scandal. It makes me wonder if he couldn’t control himself. I agree it wasn’t a bad comment, but still, I know he isn’t that clueless..?

It’s kind of like dude.. too soon, couldn’t you have waited it out a bit longer???

Liban says:

That's it? Wtf, she's an Afreeca TV BJ. Look at her activities while streaming and tell me if there aren't dudes that watch her on her stream that write things like this? Maybe because this guy is a celeb which is probably why she tried to expose him for sliding in her DMs.

Marites Hererra says:

Sa totoo lng babae din ako…pero sa tingin ko kung hindi mag papakita ang isang babae ng hindi ayos ..hindi siya mababastos…ilagay nya sa tama mga ginagawa nya walng babastos sa mag post ba nman cya ng mga ganong.. kahit ako maging lalaki matutukso ako …hindi sa lahat ng pag kakataon lalaki plagi my kasalanan…kung ayaw ng mga babae na mabastos…ayusin ninyo mga kilos…pananamit at mga pinopost ninyo…ng di kyo napag papantasiyahan ng mga kalalakihan…hay!!naku…

Raine Arielle says:

What a fame whore tsk tsk…. She practically wanted fame that's why she did that. 👎👎👎👎👎

Adelene Wee says:

Look, he f**ked up big time but there is nothing wrong with his comments to her. It wasn’t a random thing anyway. She was talking about her belly fat and he said it was cute. How is that demeaning?

If this comment came from anyone but LJH I’m sure she would have just laughed it off and all the netizens wouldn’t get their panties in a knot!

Rose Chrystal Amber says:

Are comnents only supposed to be positive? Hadn't he even admired her belly? How do one proves that he intends to be maliscious if in any case the word "cute belly" then means something else?

cassandra locsin says:

She is just hungry of attention & flirting she just want to ride on to situation so that she can gain attention & attraction by showing her fatty belly☺. Selfish bitch though.

Ricky Bobby says:

Ok I'm not trying to be mean but that's all it nothing crazy.

enz victoria says:

"I really enjoy watching your YouTube (channel).
"Please continue uploading fun videos. Your belly fat is so cute."

There's nothing big deal in what he said, for sure she received a lot of rude, worst messages than jh said she take this big deal it because jonghyun are celebrity and she want to be a famous.
5 minutes ago

Kdks Jdjdkd says:

Her IG name

Sandara Puanani says:

although I dont like Lee Jonghyun because of his scandal, I see nothing wrong with what he said on that girls instagram. She is flaunting and exposing her body and he was saying her stomach fat is cute?How offensive is that for someone like her?


😂😂koreans think everything is offensive , hope lee jong hyun keeps his singing career his voice is beautiful many idols r involved with prostitutes or cheat on their wives or husbands just arent public all of them , fighting lee jong hyun😊😂

Mamma Mia says:

Yeah, what a loser and mental abuser. Considering I used to like him… …

Atawhai BowlIn says:

Honestly I couldn’t stop laughing. He is such a loser.

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