AfreecaTV Dance Off 12 (BJ서아 Edition)

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AfreecaTV Dance Off is back with part 12 and this time featuring the popular and talented, BJ서아 (BJ Seo)!

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John R says:

OMG…just found you! You're so gorgeous and you can dance too!

강성민 says:

왜케 드럽게 느껴지는 거지? ㅡㅡ

Michael Doran says:

Why do you do split screen it’s so stupid you want people to watch your videos obviously it’s aggravating to have a split screen my opinion I only wanna watch one screen!!!

3๑ DAESIN says:

춤 더럽게 못추네

Robert G. says:

This girl is something special to watch with those legs and that rear. 🌷🌷

금후니 says:

다리벌어 지는거봐라 주먹도 받아주겠다

금후니 says:

물은 잘싸겠다

김윤성 says:


진바다 says:

마스크 쓰고 그애?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

가식곰 says:


Shri says:

Name please

d p says:
이년이랑 동일인물임? 티팬티입고 똥꼬쑈 하는년

피터파커 says:

마스크 쓰고 벗방 하던 비제이 아님?

윤성수 says:

난 다봤다 ㅎ

미수미 says:

버는 돈은 다 어디다 쓰냐
댄스학원이라도 좀 다녀라

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