AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 3/4 Place Match Highlight

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larsenole says:

I love these highlight videoes 🙂

Herpa Derp says:

That last game was a blood bath.

김선범 says:

근데 마지막경기 본진바꾼 직후에 저그가 많이 불리한거였음? 나는 영해설로 봤는데 저그가 유리한줄알았는데

앞비전 says:

쌋다 곰aa

C Z says:

Can Afreeca stop putting the winner in the video thumbnail? Bloody spoiler kills all the suspense

Roman Gorbunov says:

Very smart lurker micro

Demian Doe says:

조일장 결승 갔어야했는데 아쉽

needpo go says:

마지막경기만한 승부엿다 !

Antonio Ferraina says:

Only noobs don't comment.

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