#Apink’s Eunji cute sexy dance! [DAILY BEST] Hot Korean Kpop Girl Fancam

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Best of fancam of Eunji from Apink dancing so cute, hot Korean girl.

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Apink (in Korean: ์—์ดํ•‘ํฌ, in Japanese: ใ‚จใƒผใƒ”ใƒณใ‚ฏ; also written as A Pink) is a South Korean girl group formed by Plan A Entertainment (before known as A Cube Entertainment) in 2011. In April 2011, Apink released their first extended play (EP), Seven Springs of Apink, and performed a song from it, “Mollayo” (๋ชฐ๋ผ์š”; “I Don’t Know”), on Mnet’s M! Countdown. Apink released their first Japanese-language single, “NoNoNo”, in October 2014. Their fifth Korean EP, Pink Luv, released in November 2014, debuted at No. 1 on Gaon’s weekly album chart. The group consists of 6 members:

โ€ข Park Cho-rong ๋ฐ•์ดˆ๋กฑ
โ€ข Yoon Bo-mi ์œค๋ณด๋ฏธ
โ€ข Jung Eun-ji ์ •์€์ง€
โ€ข Son Na-eun ์†๋‚˜์€
โ€ข Kim Nam-joo ๊น€๋‚จ์ฃผ
โ€ข Oh Ha-young ์˜คํ•˜์˜

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Kpop best of of cute Korean girl, dance during live performance at concert 2016 // Fancam of idol Apink’s Eunji, dancing on stage.
Show k-pop performer on stage, k-girl fan cam video fancam HD ONLY! Korean girl band idols, cover dancing group, EUNJI dancer from APINK performers from Korea.

Music by Said Energizer:
Track “24 hours of night”

Outro by Desmeon:
Desmeon – Hellcat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSY6v…
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