Bambino’s Eunsol in very tight mini short! [ZOOM 4K] Hot Korean Kpop Girl Fancam

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Best of fancam Eunsol from Bambino dance routine in tight minishort, cute Korean girl.

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Bambino (in Korean: 밤비노) is a four-member South Korean girl group formed by JS Entertainment in 2015. Bambino made their debut with the release of their single Oppa, Oppa on June 23, 2015. They were nicknamed ‘Fancam Goddesses’ for the video taken by fans.

• Hadam 하담
• Dahee 다희
• Eunsol 은솔
• Minhee 민희

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Kpop best of of cute Korean girl, dance during live performance at concert 2016 // Fancam of idol Bambino’s Eunsol, dancing on stage.
Show k-pop performer on stage, k-girl fan cam video fancam HD. Korean girl band idols, cover dancing group, EUNSOL dancer from BAMBINO performers from Korea.

Music by Sex Whales & Roee Yeger feat. Ashley Apollodor:
Track “Where Was I”
Sex Whales…
Roee Yeger…
Ashley Apollodor (vocalist)
Outro by Desmeon:
Desmeon – Hellcat…


Kpop Sexy Cover says:

Want more????
Register to our new project: PRIVATE TV (。◕‿◕。) #idols4adult

Daxxon Jabiru says:

Ah, dimples, the cute birth defect!

TTTV - Vlog says:

trao doi sub nha ban, minh sub roi nha

bodhicat1 says:

Would you say Bambino girls still are most popular views on your vids?

Biggdwarf says:

where can i get video with original audio stream?

Steban Estien Calderon says:

God bless her

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