BJ씽잉 VS BJ쏘님 Sexy Dance Cover Battle Singing VS Ssonim 邢英 VS 尹素婉【Lip & Hip – HyunA】

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BJ씽잉 VS BJ쏘님 Sexy Dance Cover Battle Fancut
Who will be the winner?

씽잉 Singing 邢英; 쏘님 Ssonim 尹素婉;
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BJ씽잉 Afreecatv:
BJ쏘님 Afreecatv:

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Zi Zi says:

singing win

Võ Thanh Trí says:

please do more of bj sso

呂神人 says:


夏小飞 says:


D1M4S PRS says:

Please make bj ssonim dance compilation

王婧博 says:

쏘님 looks better. BUT!!! 씽잉 so so so HOT!!!

XinCamTV says:

BJ쏘님 better dancer, BJ씽잉 looks hotter. Who is the winner in your mind?

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