Crazy Shows of Japanese Television 3 | Sexy game Show | #TutoNute

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The weirdest television program coming out in Japan


Buddy Jesus says:

Yep, it is decided. I'm gonna have to move to Japan

Midnight Reaper says:

why am I here? like honestly the decision of my video choices and what I watch has finally brought me back to the abyss. There is no hope for me to become a decent human being anymore if this is in my recommendations

Michael Flynn says:

and all WE have is Eastenders, Corrie, and Emmerdale !!! 🙁 😉

Kill Bill says:

shouldve used thong bikini instead


cuantas pajas no se habran hecho los niños japoneses con este programa

moongod1 says:

these girls are sexy and thin

Jony Quach says:

choi muon chich re

devbrat dwivedi says:

nice game continued uploading bro

Junedi Samsung says:

heunceut beureum….

Akon Chemshy says:

damn foolish bitchs show

Niño Rattaa says:

never nuke a country twice

Emma Duchesne says:

Wtf is that show?! Due! It's Japan!

Aiki Ken says:

real size of Jap guys penise 9:14

Raja Azari Raja Mohammad says:

best sex wow

ابراهيم بن عمر says:

يااخي تمنيك

paul joe says:

How come the girls are so pretty and sexy when the guys are ugly mutts ? I guess the female genes are strong lol . now I want to go to Japan for some reason .

trinh huynh huynh says:

con cac lam di con hon

Fuad M says:

Why, WHY does Japanese television make such TV programs?

GalvinTamvan 874 says:

What the Fuck

GalvinTamvan 874 says:

What the Fuuuuuuck

Marisa k says:

ewww how did i get here i put in funny japan game shows and i thought is was comdey not this inappropriate content

Charles Stowe says:

is anyone else confuse of what the fuckk going on here cuz I am but sweet tits though lol

Zart Artucilla says:

tsktsk what is the purpose?

Hasan Armando says:

crazy game. is not good

Alan Amor says:

grabe any se sexy ng Japanese girl kalibog

Isaac Abd says:

this is brilliant

Iam Matrix says:

god bless Japan shows

Fapoy Gelato says:

umm name for the girls please.. for research purpose..

Fati Malek says:

سياسة شباط

sparkey squad says:

whats the point in this game show??

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