[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO16 Group C

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO16 Group C
Group C: GuMiho, Classic, Dear, Maru


Shamrock says:

The ingame music this season is so loud, it's really annoying at times…

Spiral Cafe says:

Does anyone have the playlist they use for GSL?

Massimiliano Vivi says:

So Round of 8 will be 4 protoss, 3 zerg and a… MARU! Maru plays his own race! GOGO Maru i believe! Even when all terrans struggling with the actual meta/balance, Maru is still there

Richie Ear says:

2:02:25 go dab man go!

misterxy1994 says:

sick games!

zandiskoul says:

Music really??

J2 digital says:

So good! Thanks Afreeca! — Onto group D! (That outro pic at the end gives me chills!)

Jason Lai says:

Thank you david Kim! Hahahahahahaha

DukeNukemDesign says:

The heck is a super depot?

Adhi Prayogo says:

Good to know we have terran for ro.8 🙂

smashu2 says:

scarlet classic final

MeliorIlle says:

Great that Classic and Maru advanced.

brucekentallen says:

I haven't watched sc2 and gsl since 2011 I think. All these new units seem fun.

Michael Carpenter says:

The final game was insanely sick. Insanely sick. To the absolute limit. The decision-making is so high-level, every game like that is completely unique. Excellent group.

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