[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO32 Group E

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO32 Group E


André Junior says:

1:41:54 what remix is this? i know its terran theme and paint it black

Makoto Urahama says:

2:16:43 People hiding from the Cameraman (my favorite).

Asahel says:

I will say this again why players nowadays dont make appropriate units against opponent.
like Losira using mostly hydras against a Mech Army you Use baneling/Infestor/Ultralisk/viper units. Gumiho didnt even have a mass air units.

Asahel says:

Tasteless said Flashback Artosis didnt pick up the pun.

inChinaXP says:

The last series was fantastic

sKopheK says:

watching losira's gameplay literally hurts my eyes 🙂 looking forward for top16 where players should be on the same level

Furness Prime says:

I love these casters. Great games.

Apex K9 says:

25:16 first game starts

Deezo187 says:

Great games and another quick upload thanks

Tian Cheng says:

I really dislike how stalkers become similar to dragoons, and units such as raven has been totally changed.

방구야사랑해 says:

야.. 저거 꼭지냐?

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