[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO32 Group G

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO32 Group G
Group G: Stats, Impact, JJAKJI, Classic


Petrenko Yuri says:

I love that protoss play from Stats . Nicely done ! Classic was good but not good enough to beat Stats .

Makoto Urahama says:

1:27:32 What's the song name with the female Singer pls?

Adam Beckett says:

I would totally buy Artosis' "StarCraft Poetry" book on Amazon. And also TimeLord's "Terran Micro Fantasies" erotic novels!

J2 digital says:

I never got to see very much of Jjakji in his heyday so I'm sad I don't get to see more of him in this one.

Pontus says:

Is it possible to find the replays of these games anywhere?

Jorge Landerretche says:

Who knows the name of the song when games start, please? It’s really good

danielgr86 says:

holy fuck that last game ahahahaah…OUCH!

Anton Alm says:

omg sc2 is so bad

Furness Prime says:

I REALLY LOVE Dan and Nick.

Сергей Ким says:

Song name 1:55:23 ? I've tried to use to midomi, and googled it by lyrics but maybe it's not popular enough/korean commentators speak to loudly.

Iain Hardie says:

13:50 – start of the commentary, 22:22 first game…

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