[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO32 Group H

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO32 Group H
Group H: herO, Ragnarok, KeeN, Maru


FinnSawyer says:

does tasteless have to come back? 🙁 i feel like even artosis is less annoying this episode

RoseWater says:

noregret did a really good job

Michael Esquer says:

Maru so DIrrty

Tony Fleming says:

Big Tastosis fan, but No Regret was great!

Jeff Mohre says:

maru is a savage lmao

Michael Carpenter says:

Awesome job casting, genuinely excellent.

barnabaszu says:

Great casting NoRegret! 🙂

Olodus says:

I really like NoRegret as a caster. I still prefer Tastosis but NoRegret was a really good substitution. He needs a bit of practice getting a bit more comfortable and chill when talking but I would not be against having him there again.

Gu4rdiaanAngel says:

Funny thing this.

I am watching the SC II replays only for 2 things:

a) The commentary
b) all the niche songs… I mean, Metalite – Heroes in Time? … brutal selection.

Also anyone else wondering how big this game could have been if Blizzard had not killed it off to general public? 😉

Richie Ear says:

1:24:16 Inuyashiki!!!!

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