[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO4 Day2

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S1 Code S RO4 Day2
Dark vs Maru


Aaron Schnacky says:

Fungal is the worst & infestors are huge and no health. Ineffective

masterofthor says:

"Rogue is a better zerg player than Dark"

I'm like Rogue hasn't been in the finals playing against YOU every time for the past month or so now, dafuq?

Michael Stern says:

the amount of free ultras dark gave to maru with ghost snipes was really incredible. dark needs to work on his late game. ghosts were really the mvp for maru. crazy, ridiculously close high level sc2 here. maru is a god.

SoulKey says:

Game 5 was just crazy, AMAZING series <3

Xeridea says:

Steady targeting is the most broken mechanic ever conceived. Ghosts counter literally everything in the game, and it is extremely difficult to kill them. So Terran just slowly wins overtime, with near 0 chance of losing any game longer than 15-20 minutes.

Max says:

I'm not a zerg fan but they should decrease ghosts abilities or increase other races special unit's power. it's so unbalanced

hotkulboi77 says:

Typical terran; let me just turtle like a little bitch and mass energy units and wait for you to come to me so i can own u with energy units while u spend ur minerals and gas

hotkulboi77 says:

I use to feel bad for maru, but I can see why everyone would hate him. He is so bm after the series was done he looks over at dark but does not go to shake his hand…fuck maru

Mothership says:

This match-up was what I was waiting for in the whole series. I don't care who'll win, as long as the games are this good

tomarin tomarin says:

8 min max out, damn

Ricardo Ortiz says:

stop understimating Stats, this commentators are fun but keep underestimating Stats. He may had not being the favorite but he has proven to be an awesome player and made it to the finals.

Kisai says:

As long as there's ASL it'll all be ok.

Dennis Müller says:

Tastetosis Start @23:15

Clumsy Mind says:

I was like …oh man Dark why aren't you making Infestors while Maru is having so many ghosts? Dark makes infestors in next round but loses them instantly to ghosts. So I'm oh so that's why …. Damn . Dark never managed to tackle on ghosts. Those ghosts won him game. I'm not clever enough to think of way out…. Like..what do you do to get rid of so many ghosts if you can't even get close to them with units that could wipe them to begin with. It's like checkmate. You can attack but you end up losing more.

On both sides of brackets in semifinale those that had greater practicing partner won. Those who didn't suffered big time. You can tell Dark had no clue how to deal with ghosts. he had semi success with economy ; basically brutal force of remaking ; and other time with hard counter. But in shell he never really got to the point where he would counter Maru's idea at all ; he was always just one step behind. It's crazy. Oh well .. .GG Maru . Well played.

Danielion55 says:

This series was just FKING AMAZING!!!!! Some unbelievable games, really, just amazing 😀

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