[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group A

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group A
Group A: Maru, Patience, Solar, Zest


Ash_Ling Medivac says:

Terran too op….nerf pls

Saitoe 3 says:

Just give me a way to spend money so i can get an autoG jacket/uniform!

mario rivera says:

who is the artist of min 03:04:03?

Overlord277 says:

Can these guys rub Scarlett's dick any harder?

Paul Pelullo says:

Loved the song starting at 1:17:14. I hunted it down in case others are having trouble find it too:

The Material – The One That Got Away

vBDKv says:

I cant believe what Maru did to Solar 😮

Demifire says:

korean ppl on africa tv? 🧐

Jordan Terry says:

1:37:50 “haha my brothers grandpa” I laughed imagining his grandpa picking his brother as his favorite and not letting him call him grandpa.

Lord Scorpion says:

Whats new in this patch?? is there no more secret missiles?

Jordan Terry says:

17:00 it’s great how they both trash on people that hate mirror images and especially about ZvZ then they complain about it themselves

matrixfull says:

I keep hearing about Pylon show. Where to watch it?

Hall Raker says:

Nerf Maru lol ♥ 👌 👍 💪

kc 3182x says:

What is the song after Maru won the first series against Patience??

Cak says:

Tastosis is the best!

Alex Lee says:

artosis start 15:00
game 1 start 30:00

YouthfulLaughter says:

29:09 First game

Grassy Tiger says:

I know the tournaments are always good but holy cow is this STACKED, so many great players on too of their game going against each other.

Anthony Schroeder says:

What the actual crap was game 2 of zest v solar? Sitting on 4k/3k and not even trying to make units to remax. Absolutely thrown

Nicholas Lopez says:

game 1 :v maru

내딸50서영이 says:


Harry Truebody says:

Missed GSL so much 😭 thought they cancelled it, it felt so long

Joe Schnieder says:

The opener in game 2 vs maru was actually so sick, getting the adepts out with shade while the marines had the depot forced down then landing the oracle on his natural, sooo good.

vBDKv says:

Speed up video processing already youtube. It's 360p and it's been 7 hours since the stream ended.. Come on!

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