[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group B

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group B
Group B: soO, Dear, INnoVation, Rogue


Ash_Ling Medivac says:

whenever dear won….I farted

Adam Beckett says:

… nothing is crazier than "Scientology", TimeBones, except – maybe – Superman's sidekick for a while was … SuperDog! (Not kidding).

Hall Raker says:

sickest losers match lol 👌 👍 💪

Dfx.MS says:

anyone know the song played of ther TB memorium? e.g. 57:30

chrismasterith says:

Artosis is so wrong about what a robot is

chrismasterith says:

strongest loser's match ever?

Some One says:

2:20:45 Dear's Mom!

ppofnz says:

1:26:50 those 3 banelings that burrowed on the left killed how much infantry?

zandiskoul says:

If dear wins group it's the begging of the apocalypse!

kc 3182x says:

Too bad he didn't followed through on eating swords

Germz4U says:

Tasteless is officially Rob Schneider's character from Surf Ninjas. What if I lost this power?! Oh shit what did i do?! I had it, then I lost it.

Miffy Wenfei says:

My life for Aiur, Dear is phenomenal

matrixfull says:

Feels like Rogue is only champion capable Zerg in GSL; Dark may surprise but even though soo isn't bad by any means ; I can see his struggle. Poor sOo ; he really lost grasp and edge he used to have. I used to watch him it was fun; now I watch him it's struggle. I always expect struggle from his play.

Brayheart says:

wow amazing round of 16. What a game to end it on too. Cant wait to see how far Dear goes. Sad to see innovation go </3. Rouge is the only zerg ive seen use the swarmhosts and win. God tier right there

NeelsonGaming says:

innovations smiling a lot lately, maybe emotions are affecting his play

Echo says:

INnoVation what happened bro you used to dominate…

Top Secret says:

sc2 is balanced so the top 3 terran always win. so innovation/maru/ty can play as shitty as they want, and if they lose, the game will just be rebalanced.

Julius Malema says:

30:45 What a banger of a track! is that from the starcraft OST ?

Top Secret says:

TvZ is a fucking shit show.

Cakez509 says:

Dear is just such a good bo3 player. Never sleep on him in ro16

babycankles297 says:

This group is fucking filthy. This and group C each look like a Ro4.

ahmed abdelhamid says:

why did innovation went bio in the last game even that he lost 2 bio earlier that day and he just won 1 with mech i just don't know why

thdotaku says:

Amazing game

Warathon Kaweekiateanan says:

group of death

john Nylen says:

Though it was ASL, I FEEL CHEATED.

big pecs says:

Thanks guys for letting everyone else know how useless Hawkeye is. Literally using medieval weapons against space aliens with lasers, only surviving because of plot. Marvel should take a page out of GRRM's book and kill hawkeye, the memory of the man will be more loved than the man himself. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.

ImProvement Media says:

Dear vs Rogue was incredible!

Brayheart says:

damn dear beats rouge. First player out of the group of death :O

Brayheart says:

I like the casters, but i wish they would talk more about whats happening in the present as opposed to everything else, especially during the battles. I miss HuskyStarcraft </3

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