[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group C

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group C
Group C: Dark, Classic, Trap, TY


Will Young says:

Holy shit ty is a god

Nicholas Lopez says:

classic really ownage

matrixfull says:

Zergs minus Rogue are still in dark ; without and answer to top opponents of other races. Still need to see someone having good answer to Maru's anti zerg execution. I'm rooting for zergs but lately it's been quite dry to do so. It's like something is missing in their gameplay. But I'm kinda glad TY won coz he plays a bit different from other Terrains right now.

Alex Friedman says:

Wow these games aree so good. I think this is the best starcraft 2 has been in a long time. I play broodwar mostly but this makes me want to get good at starcraft 2 .

Adam Beckett says:

Artosis: "These games are out-of-Control…" – the evil twin brother of inControl…

Hall Raker says:

Classic v Dark game 1 is fcking awesome!!!!!! it gave me chills!!! this RO16 Group C is full of epic games!

c0ke Teh Whale says:

Powerful Classic? Get Tasteless on the JRE.

HunterD Gamer says:

1:31:07 marry me!

Max Power says:

i love GSL and tastosis SO MUCH!! THANK YOU!!! will always like and share these videos. thanks so much for posting them on youtube for free 🙂

pats88888888 says:


sephiros9883 says:

Thank you AfreecaTV for the amazing casting. Holy crap we’ve been blessed by this group. INSANE GAMES!!!

Joseph Yi says:

Jesus Group D sounds like the group of death….

Joseph Yi says:

GG kids who believe in Santa Clause and watch starcraft. Thanks Tasteless

Sean Lewis says:

45:00 start of an awesome battle

Sean Lewis says:

omg thank you for posting this. been following and watching the whole tournament.

Korey Sloan says:

Stop reading comments. Stop reading chat. Go full screen. Enjoy these amazing games.

Jordan Terry says:

I definitely understand TY is a very impressive player but I also think he is pretty overrated at times. Specifically how everyone loves to bring up how he won over 300k in three months last year but no one mentions that that was from only two tournaments which happened to have six figure prizes to the winner. I do think it's impressive to win that much in that time frame but the details make it less impressive to me. Also those two championships last year are the only two premier championships in his career and the only time he's broken the top ten for top earners in a year. I like him as a player and person but I think he receives more credit than he deserves and I wish they would stop talking about his earnings last year.

Saitoe 3 says:

Lets go Dark & TY…. Don't want trap or classic to get out because they will beat Zest and Zest is best/ S2 champ……a man can dream……a man can dream.

babycankles297 says:

Speaking on what Tastosis were talking about earlier, consensus top 3 zerg in the world atm has to be Rogue, Dark and Serral, right?

Benjamin Bugeja says:

First match at 25:20

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