[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO4 Day1

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO4 Day1
RO4 Match1: Zest, TY


Severus Alexander says:

TY smartest sc2 player? maybe, but picking terran was a terrible mistake

Literally Hitler says:

Awesome awesome series this GSL so far.

J2 digital says:

Frustrating day for me. I wish TY got his revenge. I'm surprised he didn't have anything to spot for his third on the last game. I'm so salty I can't even watch the interview. If it's a pvp finals I don't think I will watch that either haha.

Søren H-P says:


KindOfMaroon says:


TY made a massive error in that last game. He could have had ANY kind of scouting between his 3rd and his opponent. Instead, no vision, and Zest gets a free orbital and tons of lost mining time. Really quite a sad ending for TY

Iulian Margeloiu says:

TY is a quitter not willing to fight to the last chance, even in the RO4. Guess he's not hungry for results any more

Nicholas Lopez says:

i bet ty regrets game 5 so hard

Caoilainn Bergh says:

Red-hot Ben n Jerry's action

zandiskoul says:

nice roundz =)

내딸50서영이 says:


Jordan Terry says:

I don't know why they don't even mention during the beginning stats that Zest is undefeated against Terran this year.

August Bimblebore says:

Really fun to watch this live <3 I'm looking forward to seeing [spoiler] up against one of the two titans on the other side of these semifinals.

smashu2 says:

game 3 zest was completely winning after the opening but he messed up many times.

smashu2 says:

game 2 at the end Artosis and Tasteless are completely miss evaluating than ty instantly gg thinking they were thinking Ty was ahead while in reality zest was completely winning.

Saniok Zhichkus says:

The Alpha male is back in town!

steven su says:

i hate storms

Luke Goodson says:

seems like just yesterday gumiho lost to ty 3-0.

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