[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO4 Day2

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO4 Day2
RO4 Match2: Maru vs Classic


Nam Nguyen says:

poor Classic. Graduates from bring laughingstock against Dark just to again become laughingstock against Maru …

Saitoe 3 says:

Zest you must showcase that you are still indeed Best!

guindaste35 says:

classic: another no skill cheesy protoss

David Gatten says:

This should be a sick final.

David Sanchez says:

Why can't this be downloaded on YT Red

maru says:


Søren H-P says:

Widowmines are really not fun to watch. You just dropped the 4 mines and you are guaranteed damage and denying mining time. Ridiculously overpowered combination (speedvac and mine). So funny when Classic completely outmaneuvers Maru and has 2 oracles (game 3) free in his base – he is unable to do damage. He must be timid, because there COULD be a mine hiding somewhere. lmao. He gets 4 scvs and tastosis goes crazy. Meanwhile maru's no skill drop killed 13 workers just like that in g1. retarded…. yeah

vatch says:


man why is Maru good!!! . Classics sighs

Peter Hardie says:

Thank you God for Maru.

sokj68 says:

Mara is a god

Kimeg says:

It seems that Maru has somewhat figured out how to outplay most of the racial abusive plays from protoss at the highest possible level. My hope is that blizzard just doesn't fuck with the balance anymore. blizzard, you deserve this.

iGoD says:

Zest Vs Maru Cheesy game will make the GSL Finals Amazing.

Denver Nugoats says:


Man when I heard Maru say he was relieved Classic won over Byun for the ro4, I knew Maru would have something to bring this series. His control and decision-making and Macro is just unstoppable right now- that's not to say Classic made plenty of mistakes, but this imo was measurably more Maru winning this than Classic losing this.



First game starts at 26:07

olsenlid says:

Starts at 12:34

Wot Wot says:

Just reply in the last part of the chat. Bethesda, Paradox (and the games they publish from other studios), CD Projekt among others are all making great games. And with WebAssembly finally getting released with all major browsers supporting it so early, the future is bright.

Edit: Although, to be honest, I was disappointed at the ending of Witcher 3 (played it on PS4). I was expecting a CGI cutscene like the one in the opening. I am probably spoiled by Squaresoft though. And also 50% my fault for getting the worse ending. But one objective fault for me is how so much loading happens in Witcher 3 for PS4. Opening your inventory takes 3 or 4 seconds! Opening your map is in the menu as well. That certainly destroyed the enjoyment for me. Should've probably played it on PC.

Grassy Tiger says:

I've been out of the loop for a while but whatever happened to life? I remember him being sooo good but I don't know what happened to him

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