[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO8 Day1

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO8 Day1
RO8 Match1-Match2: Maru, Rogue, Classic, ByuN


Michael Busch says:

What is the song that starts at 2:09:58?

Jon Rob says:

omg i am nerding out! for me, this was the world championship! this series is why i watch starcraft!

matrixfull says:

Yikes …not even Rogue zerg could stop Maru. It's insane how outplayed zergs are this season.

Dan Conser says:

Byun vs Classic…That widow mine was so wrecked LOL!! 🙂

Dan Conser says:

Rogue vs Maru, sooo sick!!!! should have been the FINALE!

Robin England says:

1:54:19 what is that song? It sounds like a remix of Verdi's Dies Irae from Requiem.

mathscience2 says:

Boxer played very well

Adam Beckett says:

I want to live in the Jin Air house, so I can watch Maru vs Rogue every single day!

Richie Ear says:

Classic is finally gonna be a seed into the next GSL and he'll have picking power instead of being picked LOL

Jean-Simon Binette says:

Classic looks like a celebrity Byun said, yes, he looks like Michael Schumacher

NeelsonGaming says:

Hope byuns okay

Grassy Tiger says:

I don't think there's ever a bad storm

KindOfMaroon says:

Incredible that we didn't see a single proxy rax in this series. That's been very Maru and very in the meta, so I love the mind game by him to just forego those aggressive plays and mix it up with more tech-heavy pressures. The hellion drop and the 2-1-1's were successes overall, and even with Rogue's late-game finesse, Maru was able to dominate early/mid in 3 of these matches.

Max Power says:

uh oh. super worried about byun. how do I message him or see how he's doing?

Chris Didelot says:

Is there any way to make the video longer or something so we don't get spoiled to the result by seeing how long the video is left? Just a suggestion thanks for everything GSL.

Sean Lewis says:

Byun is known in my house as "The Chapstick Terran". dudes got dry lips bro.

내딸50서영이 says:


Ftuyv says:

They hate on Maru so much haha

Matt Simon says:


danielgr86 says:

This is how overpowered Terran is…Rogue needs 2 very long games to do something, Maru doesnt.

Coastal Umbra says:

Game 1 – 25:04

stonesiphone says:

Ok wtf game 2 Maru played basically perfect Fu Blizzard now Terran has no late game thx….



RobinLSL says:


Marek Madej says:

Maru so damn OP pls Blizzard nerf him

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