[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO8 Day2

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Code S RO8 Day2
RO8 Match3-Match4: Zest, Dear, TY, GuMiho


Jockx Hahm says:

TY's a cheating asshole. Of all the players he has the most criminal face.

xxlildevilxx29 says:

tastosis should really stop hyping Rogue omg, he is gone ffs.

Alex Lee says:

artosis start 8:08 game 1 start 18:20

vatch says:

Gumiho's macro hankie is doing work.

Dennis Müller says:


smashu2 says:

Gumiho build was better if Maru would have been delt those build he would have 5 -0 Ty

Nicholas Lopez says:

zest is probably the most diligent protoss at scouting, or player in sc2. stats does a good job too, but if you watch his replays, people will proxy stats, but they wont proxy zest cuz he will find it and stomp it

tomarin tomarin says:

fucking zest so brutal

Grassy Tiger says:

At 56:40 What was byun doing, gumiho went to shake his hand and looks like he freaked out.

Max Power says:

also great casting as always, love you guys

Max Power says:

watching gumiho vs TY was so stressful lol. crazy series. can't even imagine how stressful that was to play those games

Alkalite says:

Artosis is killing this game with his off-game casting. Hate it. Again, new caster please.

Luke Goodson says:

IMO gumiho won that series 3-0 and TY should be ashamed to advance like that. Nestea would never allowed that kind of dishonor.

Luke Goodson says:

I think the pause in game 2 was bullshit, gumi was ahead in a great spot and TY took a 10 min break to sit and think about what to do. IF there was no pause gumi wins that every single time. Even tasteless and arty called it a tac pause. Total bullshit. 100% disapoint.

ja says:

what a second series… beautiful. TvT = most exciting mirror to watch for sure

Saniok Zhichkus says:

Is it Turret? Or DeTurret? 😀

الهام أحمد says:

i think terran should play mech against classic because he always wins PvT

SwagJerryRice says:

That fourth game with Gumiho and TY was fucking fire! I love scrappy games like that.

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