[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Group Nominations

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S2 Group Nominations
Group Nominations: ByuN, GuMiho, Maru, TY, INnoVation, Patience, Classic, sOs, Zest, Trap, Stats, Dear, Solar, Rogue, soO, Dark


BenToNiTe Wii says:

Stats so funny

Quentin Backaert says:

soO is always laughing his ass of lol

Daniel Park says:

That lie detector segment was amazing

cavemansc2 says:

35:21 TY seems super into this

Gino delos Reyes says:

Omg this guy sucks… After Maru selected PAtience… "That's looking like a pretty formidable group!" wtf… Maru just selected the projected easiest out.

Sorry to be harsh man but that was horrible commentary.

내딸50서영이 says:


Noxidok says:

They shouldn't let this guy translate anymore until he improves a significant amount

Joe Schnieder says:

Hey codeS audio guy, sidechain a compressor onto the original audio that triggers off the translators voice. Pls. The korean will be turned down whenever the translator talks. Its a litte weird at times with the korean too loud…. Actually it gets better as the video goes along.

Thunderfly says:

ONly 4 zerg :C Is a hard season :C for us hahah

Cakez509 says:

Tough ass groups Group C is death


oh si !.. stream !!!!! saludos desde PERÚ. I AM CASTER Starcraft remastered latin.

Quentin Backaert says:

Can someone explain to me what is an Arch-Rival?

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