[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group A

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group A
Group A: Maru, Neeb, Impact, Reynor


Kristupas Stumbrys says:

59:52 ZVZ SEX

Eraz0rZ says:

Widow mines are still completely fine! https://youtu.be/ks-7aYz9DBY?t=2274

Such micro such skill. Maru is a joke carried by static defence units.

Luzaich Zerazzt says:

Artosis did not correctly say the alphabet backwards.

Ivan Schoeman says:

"the first and forearm of Neeb"… i died

江南设计总局 says:

maru was the best🙃

Pizza Coling says:

what's with all the Linkin Park covers

handofconan says:

Maru noob cheeser

2nd Commander Sabo says:

Maru have great decision swap ty to reynor.. because ty is also best terran in the world.. maru want group balance.

choiswimmer says:

Kinda suspicious that maru switched TY with reyner to almost guarentee less foreigners in ro8…. puts on tin foil hat

Edit: seeing the "tactical pause" comments against reyner… tin foil hat intesifies

Bastian Herken says:

1:58:59 he forgot the T

samuel gagnon says:

starcraft 2 would not be the same without Tastosis 😀

cavemansc2 says:

1:09:54 It is audio shit.

Elazar Icetorn says:

If it weren't for the edgy music and those giggling idiots in the background this'd be perfect.

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